Thursday, January 20, 2011

List of 501(c)(4) Organizations

This is a beginning list of 501(c)(4) organizations. Please generate discourse about these organizations and do some research on your own to see how they are impacting the election process. Also, please feel free to add organizations you have found on your own to this list by adding comments. The more information that can be generated and discussed, the more equipped we become to handle these organizations.

Thank you so much for taking your time to help this cause. Reinstating transparency to our election process will help uphold the legitimacy of our elections.

The National Organization for Marriage
Crossroads GPS
Citizen's United
Liberty Central
The Central Band of the Cherokee in Tennessee
New Jersey State Society
Americans for Prosperity Colorado
The American Future Fund
The Heritage Foundation
Revere America
Tea Party Express
Fort Meade Alliance
United for Missouri
Robbinsville Irish Heritage Association

This is just a list of the most prominent organizations. Please continue to seek out these organizations and update the list with comments. I will do the same for the cause and keep this list as updated as possible.

Thank you all again for taking the time out of your schedule. We can truly begin to make a difference.